Reducing your costs with a fairer managed print service

The world of technology can be complex and time consuming, it can be difficult to know which suppliers to work with and who to trust to deliver a relaible service.

We work on your behalf to identify solutions that are secure, reliable and cost effective. We work with you to naviagte the noise and complexity of print technology, guiding you to a solution that works for your workforce and your businesses bottom line.

Included with every print solution is a managed service that includes toners, parts, engineers and IT support.

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Managed print


Save up to 30% with our Managed Print Service

Offering an amazing customer focused Managed Print Service (MPS). Helping your business maximise cost efficient technology and service.

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Training & support

Anything that lasts 3 – 7 years in a business is something that needs to be carefully considered, especially if it is a managed piece of technology. You will want to know, beforehand, how effective that support is and if the support can meet your business needs.

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Device security

Almost all photocopiers are now wireless devices, which are connected to a business’s network. A recent study identified that out of 50,000 devices 27,944 we unprotected – this means more that 50% of these devices could eb used for cyber-attack against your business. At Landall, we remove this concern as all devices installed now come with security technology protect your businesses data.

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Device monitoring

Remote device monitoring

Innovative businesses understand the value of optimising a process, it’s not just about reducing costs but often about freeing up the human resource and to allow them to apply their skills in areas that move the business forward. We support this focus, by equipping our customers with software that surgically monitors devices that optimise print outputs, paper usage and toner levels to achieve an efficient process that helps business flourish.

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Certified engineers

Our professional engineers are trained on a variety of leading print manufacturers. If one of our engineers are not able to attend in a timely manner then we’ll work with our suppliers to provide an engineer who can support. Landall engineers are accredited and trained to maintain and fix Canon, Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Epson – along with support for software issues.

All our engineers carry an extensive range of spare parts, which vary across a range of machines, and these are consistently updated with the most frequently used machine parts.

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Toner monitoring

Automatic toner replenishment

We remove the worry around your teams need to replenish toner before it runs out. We remove fears around how long a replacement will take and if the toner will run out on a day when a senior member needs it most.

We replenish toners and consumables using network alerts that inform our Support Desk. The procurement function will remove toners from any internal online ordering systems. Alerts can be set based on percentage of toner remaining or on projected depletion dates. The sophistication of our toner replenishment system means that you never need to worry about having toner on the shelf.

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Helping you navigate the complexity of printer technology

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses find the perfect multifunctional device, often helping you reduce your costs by up to 30%.


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What are Managed Print Services?

Many businesses have a fleet of printers, scanners and copier devices that are used daily. Many of these businesses don’t know how much these devices are costing them on a yearly basis and innovation around these products is often neglected. Managed print services, otherwise known as MPS, is a managed service where as much as 30% can be saved on printing costs where the device, toners and other parts provided in exchange for the customer paying per print made.

What are the benefits of an MPS program?


The largest benefit that comes from MPS is the amount of money that can be saved by optimising printer efficiency, toner management and better placing devices equipped for the environment they’re placed in.


Quite often large savings are made when the device stops working, as an MPS service usually comes with a support desk who can guide either an IT professional or someone less technical through the process. The support team can also usually log into the device remotely and fix any minor issues – minimising the time the IT team needs to be involved.


With cyber-attacks on the rise, it is vital that every device linked to a network is secure. A recent study by Brother identified that roughly 52% of printers are not secure and at risk, which is something that an MPS can resolve. Our MPS service also provides a range of software integrations that protect devices, help with monitoring performance, and create better control for users.


While not exclusive to MPS, our managed print service provides the opportunity to integrate software that help enhance the controls of each device. Services like secure print release, mobile print release, authentication.

How will a MPS program integrate with my current infrastructure?

At Landall, we carry out thorough IT infrastructure audits that allow our consultants to understand what devices would best increase productivity and reduce costs. This audit provides a top-down view of the entire infrastructure, allowing our team to identify areas for improving or replacing.

What types of businesses can benefit from an MPS program?

This is largely dependent on how document intensive your business is, as MPS works best with document intense businesses. Although, Landall have helped many businesses of varying sizes optimise their Managed Print Services.


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