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What we believe in matters

We’re committed to supporting each team member, regardless of their position, we want them to excel at what they do. We achieve this by supporting each employee, based on their personal needs. We support each with unique educational opportunities that can advance their professional careers.


Helping support talented individuals grow their careers

We believe in supporting our employees so that they can become the very best version of themselves. We attempt to do this by supporting each employee to focus on either advance in education, sponsoring events for charities that the employee cares about, or by allowing employees that commute in to work from home or leave early to skip the traffic.

Last Friday of the month

The last Friday of every month is a holy day at Landall, as each member hurries out the doors to make their way to the local watering hole. The whole team starts the weekend off with a few drinks where often the tab is picked up by owners and comedic stories are shared to help wind down the month.

Summer BBQ

Often as rare as good weather, the whole team gathers at one of the directors’ homes to enjoy a long-standing ritual of good food and drinks. We believe this is a great opportunity for all the team to spend some time in a more relaxed environment, where we’re all able to bond unwind together.

Sponsored obstacle race

Something at isn’t for everyone, however, we feel it’s a great team building exercise where often we don’t take the race too seriously and enjoy spending time with your team getting a little muddy. At the very least, it’s a great opportunity to see the senior team struggle to climb or swim through mud.

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Office Administrator

“ Working for Landall Services has been an amazing experience, the business has a brilliant balance between work hard and play hard. I have gained so many unique opportunities to develop my skillset and the management team have supported my further development.“

Sam MoreyAccount Manager