Consolidate your voice technology

Increase your team’s productivity with a Microsoft Teams and direct routing solution, which allows your team to make internal and external calls at a reduced cost.

Using our direct routing service, we’ll take care of everything from multiple tenants to Session Border Controllers. You won’t need to worry about installs or complex manipulation of Microsoft Teams Phone Systems. Eliminate the worry of requiring an engineer to configure, security and encryption.

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Teams Phones


Simplify your IT infrastructure

As an alternative to call plans, direct routing allows for full voice capability for Microsoft Teams, using a native
solution that requires no hardware. Utilising Microsoft’s SBCs

Cloud-based SBC

Cloud-hosted SBC

Often a difficult aspect to configure, which is why we support all our clients with setup and maintenance. SBC stands for Session Border Controller, which quite simply put, is what protects and regulates IP communication flows. The SBC helps improve security by protecting against DoS (DDoS) attacks, safeguarding against toll fraud and service theft.

Retain your original numbers

If you decide to switch to us or stay with your existing providers, you’ll get to keep your numbers without the worry of causing business disruption. You stay in control of your vital numbers, not Microsoft. It’s that simple.

Call analytics

Call analytics

Access call statistics and make insights driven decisions using an easy web portal, make sure your business moves forward in the right direction. Create customisable reports, real-time views and wallboards based on your business needs.

Fraud protection

Fraud protection

Set pre-arranged limits during specific times to prevent fraudulent calls being made. This derives from the SBC operation and helps safeguard your business from toll fraud and service theft.

Online portal

Online portal

Discover how easy it is to make changes and configuration updates using our knowledge base to help equip your team to get more done.


  • Documentation on all features for your team
  • Training workshops for teams, if required.

Teams setup

Teams setup

Our dedicated support team will help you get everything set up correctly, that includes ensuring the correct licenses have been acquired and making sure the Microsoft Teams environment is adequately configured.

Flexible failover

Flexible Failover

Internal departments can get busy, it’s important that your business has a solution for the times when no one is available to answer a call. Flexible failover helps safeguard your business by diverting unanswered calls to mobiles or voicemail – all of which is stored in the cloud.


  • Improve customer experiences
  • Safeguard against missed opportunities


Amazing features to make sure your business can scale effectively.

Voice Enablement for MS teams

Teams direct routing enables a full PSTN breakout for the public telephone network.

Cloud-based solutions with no CAPEX

Since there is no need for traditional hardware, there is no capital expenditure required to get set up and running.

Agile working

Allowing teams to start working more productively, flexibly, and collaboratively – especially those with hybrid or remote working businesses.

Trusted provider

Working in partnership with one of the UK’s leading SIP trunking providers.

Advanced management information

Easily manage vital information relating to call handling, productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour. Included in these reports are call waiting time, time to answer and call outcome.

Education community

Our solution is “Janet Connected” so we can provide direct IP voice services to the education sector.

Reduce telephony bills

Reduce your costs with a telephony alternative that allows for maximising of existing 365 licenses.

Never miss a call

A solution with strong number level resilience to keep your team working productively.


We’ve got the answer


What is direct routing?

Is an alternative to Microsoft Call Plans that allows businesses to make
calls through Microsoft Teams using SIP trunking to route calls.

Is this a cheaper alternative to Microsoft calling plans?

One of the benefits to Direct Call Routing is its ability to be a more cost-effective alternative to call plans, with supports with differing requirements for each department.

Do I need an internet service from Landall to qualify for Direct Routing?

No, it is not a requirement to have both from us but we would recommend using both services as they’re designed to connect business customers to our network for voice and video calls.

What is required to enable direct routing?

To set up Direct Routing a business will need Microsoft 365 or Office 365
licenses, as well as Teams, Microsoft Phone System Add-on, and a stable
internet connection.

Do I need an internet service from Landall to qualify for Direct Routing?

With a large range of tariffs to choose from that will work with any data requirements.


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