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No 1.

Complete independence

Landall have no obligation to choose one manufacturer over another. We offer complete independence based directly on the clients exacting requirements. We offer best in class technology across every brand. Our expertise is in the selection of such technology and integration to backoffice systems. 

No. 2

Contractual knowledge

All buyers of photocopiers and office equipment have the same challenges. They never know the true cost of the hardware and software.

Suppliers margins are based on cost plus profit. This can often be well in excess of 200% and in most cases margin levels are hidden by onerous terms and conditions that only act to enhance the supplier. 

Landall have changed this process to represent the buyer helping you gain back control. Through our innovative platform Landall guide you through the best commercial terms whist reducing the cost allowing you invest in your business. 

No. 3

Service and Support

In most cases this type of hardware is considered a large investmenent and can be a decision that will last anywhere between 3-7 years. Therefore it is vitally important that such hardware has regular and routine preventative maintenance.

The Landall support programme is the backbone of our business, it has been built on  years of expierence with large investments. Our service has been recognised as one of best with our focus on customer centricity. All our service is under-pinned and guaranteed by the Manufactuers themselves. We are so proud of what we have acheived winning best service provider in both 2019 and 2020 by some of the worlds major Manufacturers.

We provide a bespoke “managed” managed service that enhances the reliablity of the equipment. With a 24 hour monitoring service we are aware of the status of your equipment 24/7, we have a guarantee next day toner delivery service and only offer genuine parts and consumables.

Our service is the best there is.