This client is a specialist loan provider that aims to help people with bad credit borrow money. While many banks and lenders will automatically reject someone with poor credit, the client offers a range of solutions for those looking for some extra financial support.


As one of the leading specialist loan providers the client has an ever-growing network of branches.  They were looking to improve the reliability of their printing solution and look at new areas of innovation. As part of this process they wanted a backup device for each branch that would mean an instant swap out should there be any problems, they also wanted to automate consumables and streamline invoices to one singular invoice.


Landall worked extremely closely with the clients IT team to develop a structure that would allow us to remove the old devices and install the new devices within 30 minutes per branch. We focused on reliability and functionality whilst developing a platform that would allow us to help automate workflows as a stage 2. The network of 120 devices was implemented without stress. Landall pre-configured all machines to exact network parameters.


The client benefited from a cost reduction of circa £20,000 whilst introduction equipment 40% faster than the old technology. Staff members have found the scanning to be much quicker and are now embarking on a project with Landall to integrate directly into their document management system at point of scan.