COVID: How room booking software can save businesses money

Room booking software may not be at the top of your list when it comes to your business’s must-have. Perhaps it is not an area that you have previously given any thought to and you have just got by managing your workspace up until now. However, what if you knew that the way that you have been managing rooms has been costing you money? What if you knew that room booking software could see significant savings? Would this capture your attention?

The truth is that effectively managing rooms and workspaces has always been important. What has perhaps made that the case, even more, is the fallout from the pandemic. While there has been a need for workers to return to the office, many have not felt comfortable with doing so or perhaps just don’t want to. As we shall see, room booking software not only saves you money, but it also allows you to cater more effectively for a hybrid workforce.

How failing to manage rooms can cost you money

One important part of room management can be seen when looking at meeting/conference rooms. Double booking these can lead to your company looking less than professional and it can cause major issues for your workforce. Room booking software avoids this scenario, but it also allows you to fully review how your meeting rooms are being utilised.

You can see if you are using your space to maximum effect. You can review rooms that are perhaps standing empty but still costing you money in terms of heating and light. You can also keep an eye on the size of the groups that are using meeting rooms. Is it cost-effective for them to be using the rooms that they are? Would a smaller meeting space suffice?

Room booking software gives you a look at the big picture. While individual rooms and spaces take care of themselves, to some degree, you are given that all-important overview. You are able to utilise the room space that you have and to review how efficiently it is being used.

The impact of Covid

Workers spent a great deal of time being ordered to work from home. The return to the workplace has seen a workforce approaching work from a different angle. Many have proven that they have the ability to work from home just as effectively as they do in the office. That being the case, they are seeking the flexibility to retain at least a degree of home working.

In some respects, this means that businesses perhaps no longer need the spaces that they used to occupy. Even if they do, there is little chance that they will be looking to enter larger premises. The hybrid workforce approach means that a company can actually grow its number of staff without the need for more workspace. It can only do this though if its current space is managed effectively.

By using room booking software, your hybrid workforce is able to book their workspace in advance. If they are looking for desk space or a meeting room then they can book this online and reserve their space. Knowing that your entire workforce is not going to be in your workplace at the same time means that you need to manage their needs and demands for when they are present. Room booking software makes this easy.

A paper-based approach

It could be that businesses have considered room booking software but have then opted to take a paper-based approach to how they manage their rooms and their space. While a paper-based system may be able to record the basic information that you may need, it doesn’t provide the same experience or efficiencies that come with software.

The first issue with a paper system is that this can’t be viewed by everyone as and when they need to. This drains time and it takes a call to the person holding the information so that they can explore availability. With room booking software, everyone who needs to see the status of room booking can see it in an instant.

There is no need to have a member of staff using their time to book workspaces with the software approach. Instead, they can be freed up and used for other activities that are far more beneficial to your business.

What are the room booking software options?

When it comes to room booking software, it is about finding the solution that is right for your business. At Landall Services, we believe that what we offer is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes and a solution that can be tailored to your needs. Alternative solutions include:

  • Basic Excel spreadsheet on a shared drive
  • A shared Outlook Calendar
  • Integrated software
  • Stand-alone room booing software
  • Bespoke software

Of course, cost will be a consideration when it comes to settling on a solution. However, with the cost-saving possibilities, this should be seen as an investment as opposed to a cost. The best room booking software will allow you to analyse:

  • Room utilisation
  • The capacity you are operating at
  • The trends and peak times for bookings
  • Where savings can be made
  • How efficiently space is being used

Creating a happier workforce

Post-Covid, some 77% of employees have expressed the desire to maintain a degree of flexibility. This makes up a significant portion of your workforce. If you are looking at employee retention rates this means that you need to take these desires seriously. For many, the term flexibility includes the ability to work from home.

The significant costs of recruitment are ones that businesses seek to avoid or at least control. Room booking software can see you doing this. You are able to manage your workplace efficiently as well as increasing levels of employee engagement. All of this is possible just by taking steps to manage your space in the right way. Let us at Landall Services show you how.

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