Let us review your contract for free

In 9/10 cases we can offer a cost reduction in excess of 30%. 

Contract Review

Do you currently have a managed print service that has still got some time left on its contract? As part of our review process, we will calculate the outstanding settlement of your existing contract and provide you with options based on a number of recommendations by the manufacturers.

Landall has access to all of the leading manufacturers and we work with you to short-list the best suited technology based on your requirement and then we will negotiate the most favourable commercial terms with the manufacturer. Unlike your traditional supplier, we work on a rebate scheme that is equal with each of the manufacturers so we are incentivised to supply you the best equipment as per your requirement to maximise user satisfaction at the best commercial rates.

*Covid Manufacturer Scheme*

We’ve been tasked by a number of printer/copier manufacturers whereby under the current circumstances with Covid-19, in order to help support the long-term financial longevity of clients that have been negatively impacted by Covid, we have funds allocated to us through the manufacturers of which we can use to settle outstanding liabilities of managed print contracts that have been fulfilled by at least 40% and replace them with ones that yield lower ongoing fixed cost models, in the view of securing long-term partnerships for us by reducing operational overheads for clients that have this type of technology.


The documents that we need to review to provide you with recommendations are as follows (please allow up to 48 hours for us to perform a contract review):

  • Lease Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • 2 – 4 Usage Invoices

You can upload these documents using our secure data transfer link below