Even in today’s digital age, there is still a tremendous reliance on the ability to print. Regardless of the sector that your business sits in, there is no doubt that you will have a need to print documents, reports, training materials, or a whole host of other items. Who keeps an eye on your printing needs and who focuses on your printing costs? If that task falls to you, while trying to keep so many other balls in the air, then managed print could be the solution that you are looking for.

We understand that you are looking to get the very best from your office setup. There is a need for efficiency, productivity, but also simplicity. For many, their printing experience lacks all of these. With little to no IT support, mounting costs for toner, and equipment that you just can’t rely on, managed print solutions can transform your working practices.

Perhaps you have no experience with print management companies, but if you’re keen to learn how they can bring a multitude of benefits, including saving you money, then read on.


What is managed print?


Managed print solutions are offered to businesses like yours to assist them with all of their printing needs. This sees all printing devices being managed including the likes of faxes, scanners, and copiers. Print management companies help businesses to improve their efficiency, information security, and productivity. This is achieved, in part, by keeping a watchful eye on usage, replacing consumables, and offering outstanding customer support.

By opting to use managed print, you are taking control of your business’s printing needs. You are ensuring that you working to a budget and you prevent the haemorrhaging of money that is often associated with print.

Does my business need managed print solutions?

All businesses can benefit from managed print solutions. Whereas there are clear benefits for businesses on the larger side, small organisations can benefit too. In fact, with a small business, there is a high likelihood that there is a lack of guidance given to employees and so bad habits become and culture. A culture of waste.


Here are some of the top signs that your business would benefit from managed print:

  • Your staff print out materials when there is simply no need to
  • You notice employees with excessive amounts of paper coming off the printer
  • Your company automatically opts for colour prints when black and white would suffice
  • You have noticed documents left laying on the printer that no one has claimed
  • You run out of ink/toner and wait days for supplies
  • You are juggling invoices to separate suppliers for toner, repairs, services, and hardware

What are the benefits of managed print?


By opting to use print management companies, businesses report a host of benefits. The most common of these include:


Improved efficiency

Employees lose time and efficiency suffers when they are performing print tasks with tools that are not up to the job. It could be that the hardware is outdated or that the software has not been configured correctly, but then there are also issues with the time lost to repairs and running out of inks and toner.


Saving money

Every department has a budget and you’re responsible for several departments you can make significant savings by using managed print solutions. One of the biggest savings can be found in maintenance costs, but you will also see benefits when it comes to the cost of toner.


An increase in productivity

Do you have employees that work off-site? Would your business benefit from being able to print directly from a mobile? If so, this is something that managed print solutions can cater for. You will also find that there is the ability to assist when it comes to documents that are perhaps a specific size or format.


A boost to cash flow

The upfront costs associated with printing hardware are significant, to say the least. Print management companies will typically offer flexible payment terms. This means that you can maintain your cash flow and reduce your capital expenditure.


Increase your green credentials

Going green is not just fashionable right now – it is a necessity. Managed print solutions will see you reduce the amount of paper, consumables, and electricity that your business uses. This leads to cost savings but it also brings with it the opportunity to tell your customers how you have reduced your environmental footprint.


Improved security

The risk of data breaches is very real and secure printing technology can mitigate some of this. Print management companies can assess any risks that your company is facing relating to print and IP. With the risks being identified steps can then be recommended to reduce the likelihood of your data being stolen.


What to look for in print management companies

When it comes to choosing a company for managed print solutions, there are many things to consider. However, three of the biggest considerations are:

Can they save my business money?

Managed print should save your business money. Be sure to compare what is offered by different companies and establish who can save you the most. 

Is the company tied to a brand?

Some print management companies will have an obligation to recommend certain brands. Others are independent and can bring you the very best that is on offer regardless of the manufacturer.

Does the company value its customers?

Managed print is a long-term relationship. Before you get into this you need to be sure that you will receive the very best customer service and that your business will be valued. You can do this by checking out testimonials and even looking at any awards that a company may have won.


Why you should work with Landall Services

If you’re looking for managed print solutions then what we offer at Landall Services can bring you all of the benefits that we have looked at so far. Yes, there may be other print management companies, but what makes us stand out from the crowd is:


  • We have worked with 1,280+ businesses
  • We have saved money for 97% of these businesses
  • We are independent and can recommend the print solutions that are right for you
  • We are experts in print management contracts – let us review yours and save you money
  • Our service and support are second to none

Why not get in touch today and see how Landall services can help your business?

Matt Sewell

Matt Sewell

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