Setting your workforce free from mundane tasks

Using intelligent bots allows you to free your workforce from mundane tasks, letting them focus on the work that matters most to your business growth. Robotic process automation is not designed to replace the workforce but simply to enhance their capabilities, by freeing them from the constraints of manual tasks and processes that cloud otherwise be automated.



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We represent the entire marketplace and often find ourselves helping companies who have been misguided with onerous contracts. We strive to install trust within our client base. This combined with our technical knowledge and unique approach to service has meant that you receive a managed service like no other.

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Support & training

Training & support

Anything that lasts 3 – 7 years in a business is something that needs to be carefully considered, especially if it is a managed piece of technology. You will want to know, beforehand, how effective that support is and if the support can meet your business needs.

Device security

Device security

Almost all photocopiers are now wireless devices, which are connected to a business’s network. A recent study identified that out of 50,000 devices 27,944 we unprotected – this means more that 50% of these devices could eb used for cyber-attack against your business. At Landall, we remove this concern as all devices installed now come with security technology protect your businesses data.

Support & training

Remote device monitoring

Innovative businesses understand the value of optimising a process, it’s not just about reducing costs but often about freeing up the human resource and to allow them to apply their skills in areas that move the business forward. We support this focus, by equipping our customers with software that surgically monitors devices that optimise print outputs, paper usage and toner levels to achieve an efficient process that helps business flourish.

Toner monitoring – is simply the process of monitoring the toner levels remotely, and once the levels reach a pre-defined level our system notifies us, and a new toner is sent out. This removes the requirement for our customers to check and then order new toners.

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Toner monitoring

Toner monitoring

Eliminate the stress of ordering printer consumables through remote toner level monitoring and purchase ordering. A service that reduces the pressure of worrying about whether a toner will run out on a day that the team needs it most. We understand that downtime is no joke! We take it extremely seriously, which is why all our solutions come equipped with a toner monitoring and order automation system – so you always have a new toner arriving before the current one runs out.


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How does RPA work?

It works using software bots, which are programmed by a user to complete digital and human like tasks. This could look like an administrator copying data from an excel spreadsheet into a database online.

Does it require technical experience to implement and maintain?

The first part of the question: It does require some training; however, it does not require a programmer to create a bot. Adding to this, we also provide dedicated support for our clients to help keep their bots running and support with creating new ones.

The second part: you can choose between a couple infrastructure options, one of which would require not maintenance of the application. However, the bots themselves would need to be maintained once created.

Who can support me with RPA?

We can, our support team can help train and guide your team on all features for creating automation bots.

Is RPA expensive?

There are a range of RPA solutions available, they can range in price due to features and functionality, and we have made sure to partner with ones that provide the best user experience, security, functionality, and price.

What are the benefits of RPA?

RPA can help save a fortune on teams carrying out repetitive tasks through automation, it can be running 24/7 and is incredibly accurate. This can not only save you money on administrative costs but further boost business activities as teams are now free to focus on more profitable tasks.


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