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Ideal for businesses that need to reduce storage costs, enhance security, improve compliance, and improve team collaboration with a system designed to centralise and automate document management.

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Document Management


Increase productivity with a DMS workflow

Imagine the time it can take to find an old invioce stored in an old filing system. Now imagine the savings potential if you could instantly retrieve those files or capture specific data annd store it in another location. This is the potential that document management systems can help your business achieve.

Capture & org

Capture & organise information

Minimising manual effort, document management can help capture information from a wide range of sources and enable automated importing and indexing. Using AI-powered technology that converts documents into searchable content, allows mobile uploads, connects with scanning and much more.

Document workflow

Process documents & manage workflows

We empower decision-makers with the right technology to link, sort and distribute information that drives insightful action. Using these tools, teams across a wide range of departments can use quick, transparent, and effective workflows to increase productivity.

Access docs

Access & view content for decision-making

Equipping your team with the technology to future-proof your business and provide your internal teams with the right tools to increase productivity, processes, and effective decision-making.


Increase productivity with efficient document management technology.

Intelligent indexing

Save time with a system that intelligently captures data and stores it digitally in a  secure database.

Document import

Import your documents into the central file cabinet, no matter if they are scanned from a device, grabbed from a shared folder, or created from a native application.

Outlook integrations

Integrate Microsoft Outlook into your office productivity. Securely archive incoming and outgoing email while automatically triggering new workflow tasks.

Data synchronisation

Connect your valuable databases for the seamless exchange of critical index and meta information.

Workflow management

Technology that assesses inefficiencies in workflows and improves them automatically.

Electonic signatures

Sign documents with an electronic signature and ensure the authenticity of important business information.

Generic email integration

Collect email messages from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and other webmail clients and store the most important and relevant messages in a secure, digital archive.

Task management

Manage workflow tasks for different deparmtent needs.

Electronic forms

Collecting accurate, structured information is imperative for your core processes.

On-click integration

With just one click, instantly reveal all documents associated with the process at hand, regardless of which software you use.


We’ve got the answer


How can a DMS help me with compliance?

By providing enhanced control over sensitive information and most DMS systems leave an audit trail of who has viewed what documents, when they were accessed, and it has been altered.

What does document management mean?

A document management system solves the most common office problems by automating redundant processes, saving time on documentation tasks, which frees up office space and improves efficiency.

Is it easy to use?

The solutions Landall helps clients implements is extremely easy, there are many products on the market to choose from and we have made sure to partner with the ones that are the most user-friendly.

How can a DMS make my documents secure?

By minimising the risks associated with cyber-attacks, as all documents are stored in a secure repository. They become more secure as all documents are less accessible to malicious hackers and third parties.

Can I sort and group my documents?

Yes, you can easily sort fields by either ascending or descending order.

Can I scan a document as either a PDF or TIFF image?

Yes, you can scan documents as either a PDF or TIFF images as both format types are acceptable for most DMS solutions.


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